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IRS Certification/SBEA Resources

IRS Certification/SBEA Resources

The NAPEO Board of Directors has created two groups to work on implementation of the SBEA.

The Implementation Working Group was created to assist the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Treasury with the implementation of the Small Business Efficiency Act (SBEA). The working group is chaired by Greg Packer of AccessPoint, who also serves as the NAPEO Board of Directors Secretary/Treasurer and Chair of the NAPEO Federal Government Affairs Committee. Additional task force members include:

  • Abram Finkelstein - StaffLink Outsourcing
  • Roger Hays - Premier Employer Services, Inc.
  • Kathleen Hillegas - Insperity
  • Wendy Wolf - ADP Totalsource
  • Todd Cohn - TriNet 

NAPEO has hired Randy Hardock of Davis & Harman, LLP to represent NAPEO before the IRS. Randy has extensive experience working with the IRS; is an expert on federal tax policy; has extensive contacts within the IRS and the Department of Treasury; and has served as the Tax Benefits Counsel in the Office of Tax Policy at the Department of Treasury.

A second working group has been created by the board to help NAPEO members prepare for IRS certification, chaired by NAPEO Board of Directors Vice-Chair Abram Finkelstein - who is also a member of the SBEA Working Group.  This group is focused on the various operational aspects of the SBEA roll out, such as the bonding and audit requirements, client service agreements, potential changes to vender software, and potential best practices for PEO certification.

The following NAPEO members serve on the Operations Working Group:

NAPEO Member


Chair - Abram Finkelstein

StaffLink Outsourcing, Inc.

Andy Lubash

Prestige Employee Administrators

Lee Yarborough

Propel PEO

Craig Babigian


Norman Paul


Midge Seltzer

Engage PEO

Ted Kazaglis

Jackson Lewis