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Legislative and Regulatory Agenda

Legislative and Regulatory Agenda

 NAPEO Federal Legislative and Regulatory Priorities for 2021

The goals of NAPEO federal government affairs are (these are taken from the committee guidelines):

  1. Obtain federal recognition of the PEO business model in statutes, regulations, and guidelines;
  2. Promote federal legislation, regulations and policies that create certainty for PEOs, open markets, and support the growth and sustainability of the PEO industry and their clients;
  3. Protect the PEO business model from adverse legislation, regulations, and policy decisions by the federal government; and,
  4. Seek modification of proposed legislation, regulations and policies that need PEO specific clarification to avoid negative impact to PEOs and their clients. 

Top Priorities

  • Clarify PEO and client responsibilities with federal tax credits and tax deferrals
  • Protect the ability of PEOs to sponsor employee benefits
  • Oppose efforts to expand the definition of joint employer
  • Improve/strengthen the CPEO program
  • Support federal funding for state unemployment insurance shortfalls

Continuing Priorities

  • Employee Retention Tax Credit/PEO issues
  • EEOC/EEO-1 Form (client responsibility)
  • PPP Loan program/PEO issues
  • Allowing businesses that can legally sell cannabis in their state to participate in the banking system
  • Student Loan Debt Retirement/PEO client eligibility