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NAPEO's Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey Report

NAPEO's Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey Report

This invaluable benchmarking tool includes an executive summary, financial ratios covering volume, profitability, liquidity, and coverage, as well as operating statistics on benefits, pension plans, sales, client service, HR, payroll, and technology. Data is presented for a variety of company size categories and spans 8+ years of data. Note: This report is free to all PEO member companies who complete the survey, new PEO members, and associate members.

Information is power. NAPEO's Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey has evolved as one of NAPEO's most valuable member services for PEOs. The results are broken out in multiple company size categories to make the data even more relevant as a benchmarking tool. The surveys were conducted in 2021 and cover 2020 fiscal year data. NAPEO member companies who participated in the survey, new PEO members, and associate members receive the report for free; non-participating members and non-members may purchase the results report here.


Summary of Report Contents

Executive Summary: Prepared by NAPEO's Accounting Practices Committee, this section includes a summary analysis of the results and graphical representations of the most cogent statistics.

Financial Ratio Survey: Results report includes 30 ratios covering volume, gross and net profitability, operating expense, liquidity, and coverage. Data represents medians from FY2020 financial data for multiple categories of respondents including all respondents, audited firms, and three different company size categories (less than 2,500 worksite employees, 2,500-10,000 WSEs, and more than 10,000 WSEs). Historical data for past 10 years provided for trend analysis.

Operating Statistics Survey: Results report includes responses to over 60 multiple choice questions regarding PEO operations. Survey includes FY2020 data on health care benefits, workers' comp, pension plans, Section 125 plans, company size, sales and client service, human resources, payroll and technology. Results are provided for all respondents, and three different company size categories. Historical data provided for the past 7 years for trend analysis.



Note: Purchases of NAPEO's 2021 Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey Report are non-refundable.

If you would like additional information about the survey report or about participating in the survey, please contact Melissa Viscovich at (703) 739-8161.