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Building Your Client Base Strategically

A PEO building its client base strategically may be compared to a stamp collector. Both select each addition carefully, knowing that it will make an impact on the value of the whole. Likewise, both the stamp collector and the PEO also evaluate additions based on their goals. Is the stamp collector looking to develop a valuable asset, or simply pursuing a field of interest by picking, say, stamps of each state flower? Is the PEO choosing verticals to capitalize on the expertise it has developed by serving these clients, or is it reaching out to new industries to grow its base and broaden its service capabilities?

Whatever the PEO’s goals, this feature provides insights into the areas to explore to help you build your client base strategically to meet them:

  • Aligning Operations and Client Support
  • The Ideal PEO Client: Does it Exist?
  • Expanding your PEO Client Base into New Industries: Focus on Profitability, Service, and Operations
  • A Holistic Look at Each Client: Client Base Maintenance
  • Keeping Up with Small Business Practices and Preferences
  • Nuggets About Potential PEO Clients Found in NAPEO’s PEO Market Research Report
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Executive Office

Making Sure Your Strategic Vision is Reflected in Your Operation

Vision lives at the intersection of passion, capabilities, and experience. It’s your opportunity to “be the change that you seek in the world,” as Mahatma Gandhi put it. In my case, I helped start a company prior to Justworks and went through the pain of setting up payroll, benefits, and other business infrastructure. I had experience with online payment processing and a passion for building easy-to-use online products. All of that together helped me envision a world where starting, running, and joining a growing business could be a more accessible option for all.


Ten Reasons Why Salespeople Fail and What You Can Do About It

This is the second article to take action from the results of NAPEO’s exhaustive research project, “PEO Market Research: Comprehensive Report.1” More than 500 businesses were surveyed and participated in live focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Let’s begin with summarizing the key the findings of the research...


Inside Word

Growth, the Pace of Change, and Staying Connected

Aloha! Yes, your new board chair is from Hawaii. When the NAPEO staff reminded me that the chair has a monthly column to write, I began to think about where to begin. So, after some pondering, I have come to the conclusion that I need to just start at the beginning. No, not Genesis, but at our national conference, which took place last month in Phoenix, Arizona.

NAPEO Notebook

NAPEO 2018 Patrick J. Cleary

By the time you read this, NAPEO’s 2018 Annual Conference & Marketplace will be far in the rearview mirror. You’re long since back home, hopefully applying all the good stuff you learned at the conference. This year we had near-record attendance, with 990 registrants in all. And why not? The industry is dynamic and continues to grow. To me, the big news that came out of this was from our newest white paper, which showed that the growth in PEO employment was 14 times that of the growth of the U.S. workforce overall.


2018-2019 NAPEO Board of Directors Chair Barron L. Guss

Barron L. Guss is the president and CEO of Honolulu, Hawaii-based Simplicity HR by ALTRES. In September, he was elected to the position of chair of the NAPEO Board of Directors during NAPEO’s Annual Conference and Marketplace in Phoenix, Arizona.

Statehouse Update

Better Days Daniel Harris

Throughout the course of a typical week, I peruse the “Guiding Principles for NAPEO Government Affairs” document created by the State Government Affairs Committee. It states, in part: “The NAPEO Government Affairs Mission is to create and cultivate a legislative and regulatory climate in all 50 states that is hospitable to PEOs and positions the PEO industry for continued growth.” That mission is one I take to heart and one that drives the behavior of NAPEO’s government affairs team as it carries out its work on behalf of the industry.

Capitol Comment

What History Tells Us About First-Term, Off-Year Elections Thom Stohler

As I type this month’s column, the House of Representatives has one more week to go before it adjourns for the elections (the Senate is staying in session). Congress is ready to pass a stop-gap spending measure to keep the government open through November. Oh, and, the entire House and one-third of the Senate is up for election on November 6. So, what’s going to happen on Election Day? I have no idea. Writing about elections in advance is always a tricky proposition. Six weeks is several lifetimes in politics, and an issue or gaffe that looks fatal in September can be long forgotten in October. Still, I have to write something, so here goes.

Legal Q&A

Payroll Scammers, 2018 EEO-1 Reporting Farrah L. Fielder, Esq.

Q. My PEO has been the target lately of a payroll scammer. Is this happening to other PEOs? Do you have any tips about how my PEO can guard against payroll fraud? A. Although payroll fraud is not new, it seems that PEOs have been more upfront about admitting fraud attempts upon their businesses. We have heard from numerous companies,...

The Big Picture

Better Policies, Better Economy Thomas J. Donohue

Not long ago some of the nation’s most prominent economists and politicians were telling us that anemic 2 percent growth was the “new normal,” that manufacturing and blue collar jobs were never coming back, and that increasing wages was a nearly impossible task. Turns out that the weakest recovery in American history that followed the financial crash 10 years ago had more to do with anti-growth policies like distortive taxes and stifling regulations—as well as a “you didn’t build that” mentality—than alleged new economic fundamentals.


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